The app owner operators need to invoice with speed.

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An Invoicing Assistant In The Palm Of Your Hand.

Send Invoices in Seconds

Generate branded invoices, attach all backup documentation, and send it to your customer right when you deliver.

Scan, Sign and Store in One Place

No need to switch to a separate app or device for scanning receipts, e-signing rate cons, or storing critical documents.

Keep Track in Real Time

With your load documents organized, you can easily send invoices and track receivables while you're out on the road.

Minimize Paper Pushing. Maximize Truck Driving.

Keep Things Simple

Sending an invoice shouldn't be a painful, complicated, time-consuming project. With LoadPal riding shotgun, it's not.

Get Paid Faster

If you don't wait to invoice, you won't wait as long to get paid. Get the countdown clock ticking as soon as you can.

Look More Professional

With a simple organized process you not only save time and money, but look like a seasoned pro, too.

How it Works:

Designed specifically for the owner-operator, LoadPal is an easy to use app that has everything a truck driver needs to invoice customers, organize receipts, and keep track of receivables. With the latest and greatest mobile technologies, LoadPal makes invoicing as easy as it should be.

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Where's the ROI?

When you send trip documents quickly and without error, you get paid faster. Shippers and brokers like doing business with organized and efficient owner-operators. Plus, with more reliable cash flow you can rely less on factoring, adding dollars to your bottomline.

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When we heard about LoadPal, I was immediately intrigued. Invoicing and paperwork have always been a headache and I’m excited to see how LoadPal can help.
Mike C.
To be honest, I was skeptical going in. It’s easy for tech to make things more complicated, instead of simpler. But I’ve been impressed so far and excited to keep using it.
Robert F.