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7 Things That Are Harder to Find Than a Spot to Park Your Truck

Finding truck parking is hard. And failing infrastructure and ELDs are only making the problem worse. So the question is: is there anything harder to find than a parking space?   1. What about your car keys when you’re in … Read More

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Return on Investment

5 Ways LoadPal Helps Owner-Operators Make More Money

To be a successful owner-operator, you have to make good investments. You don’t buy the cheapest truck on the market because you know it’ll only cost you in the long run. But you don’t buy the biggest, shiniest new toy … Read More

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10 Useful Resources for Owner-Operators

There’s a heck of a lot of information out there for owner-operators. But, as great as Google is, sometimes it can be hard to find the good stuff. So we created this list with some of the best resources out … Read More

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LoadPal Invoicing App for Owner-Operators Just Released!

  The app owner-operators need to invoice with speed is now available! LoadPal is an invoicing app that helps owner-operators invoice customers, track receivables, and manage load documents, all from their smartphone.   “We are excited for owner-operators to start … Read More

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11 Things That are Worse Than the DOT…Maybe?

Everybody’s got a DOT horror story. But some things are worse, right?   1. Like getting a hangnail?   2. Or when your hand is too big to get at the Pringles? Twitter: @mike_murray22   3. Opening a chip bag … Read More

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5 Reasons Truckers Deserve More Respect

Truckers don’t get the credit they’re due. That’s frustrating because we all owe so much to truckers and the work they do every day. The trouble is that most of us don’t see that work. We see the end product. … Read More

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5 Don’ts When Driving Next to Semi Trucks

Accidents involving trucks and cars are too common. Traffic accidents are one of the major reasons trucking remains one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in America. According to studies, cars are at fault in over three quarters of … Read More

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How to Get Paid Faster Without Factoring

Every owner-operator knows the trucking business isn’t just about moving goods. It’s about moving money. And god knows it never seems to move fast enough. At least, not in the direction you want. Between fuel, truck payments and accessorials, upfront … Read More

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Why LoadPal Was Created For Owner-Operators

  LoadPal was created to make the lives of owner-operators easier. Owner-operators are the unsung heroes of the North American economy. They brave danger. They spend countless nights away from home. They put up with the DOT, with ELDs, with … Read More

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