7 Things That Are Harder to Find Than a Spot to Park Your Truck

Finding truck parking is hard. And failing infrastructure and ELDs are only making the problem worse.
So the question is: is there anything harder to find than a parking space?

1. What about your car keys when you’re in a rush in the morning?

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2. Or have you ever had to search for a contact lens on the floor?


3. Or the remote control in your couch cushions?

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4. A pair of matching socks out of the dryer can be tough to find? Seriously, WHERE DO THEY GO???

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5. Or what about your patience after waiting at a dock for a few hours?

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6. Or a decent cup of coffee at a shipper?

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7. What about Waldo? He was always impossible to find.

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Author: Steele Roddick

Steele is a writer and editor who grew up in a family of truckers. His grandfather owned a small trucking business for years. Being legally blind, however, Steele knew he could never drive and needed to find different ways to contribute. These days he does so with his words and by promoting LoadPal, an app he likes to think his grandfather, and certainly his grandmother, would have loved.

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