LoadPal Invoicing App for Owner-Operators Just Released!


The app owner-operators need to invoice with speed is now available!

LoadPal is an invoicing app that helps owner-operators invoice customers, track receivables, and manage load documents, all from their smartphone.


“We are excited for owner-operators to start using this app because we know it has the power to improve both their business and their day-to-day life, adding dollars to their bottom line and taking away hours of paperwork headache,” said Steve Divitkos, CEO of Microdea.


With LoadPal, which is now available on iOS and Android, owner-operators are able to reduce their days sales outstanding by creating and sending invoices right from their phone. All trip documents and accessorials can be scanned, signed, and sent via email to any shipper or broker of the driver’s choosing. All without switching apps or devices.

Once sent, owner-operators can track all outstanding invoices and set up automatic reminder emails and late notices. All scanned documents can also be stored for accounting and compliance purposes.

In short, the LoadPal app is like having an invoicing assistant in the palm of your hand. It makes getting paid as easy as it should be.


“After spending hours researching and interviewing owner-operators from across North America, I realized there was a need for an invoicing solution that the market wasn’t currently providing,” said Ed Yu, Head of Product at Microdea. “I’m proud to be offering a solution that offers real value to the hardworking owner-operators out there on the road, who are currently underserved when it comes to affordable tech solutions.”


To kick off the release, owner-operators can try LoadPal free for the first 30 days. To take advantage of this offer, visit LoadPal.com today.


Who Created LoadPal?

LoadPal was created by Microdea, a rapidly-growing imaging and automation software company that drives inefficiency out of transportation back-offices. With over 20 years of industry experience, the team at Microdea knows the ins and outs of trucking paperwork and how to create solutions that drive real business results. For more info, visit: Microdea.com


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Author: Steele Roddick

Steele is a writer and editor who grew up in a family of truckers. His grandfather owned a small trucking business for years. Being legally blind, however, Steele knew he could never drive and needed to find different ways to contribute. These days he does so with his words and by promoting LoadPal, an app he likes to think his grandfather, and certainly his grandmother, would have loved.

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