Why LoadPal Was Created For Owner-Operators


LoadPal was created to make the lives of owner-operators easier.

Owner-operators are the unsung heroes of the North American economy.

They brave danger. They spend countless nights away from home. They put up with the DOT, with ELDs, with clueless 4-wheelers and sky-high fuel prices.

And, on top of it all, getting paid for their work is a headache.


As industry-leaders in paperwork, we knew this is where we could help.

When we realized owner-operators needed an easier way to do business on their phone, the LoadPal app was born.

LoadPal makes sending invoices from your phone as easy as it should be. No more switching between apps to scan documents, e-sign rate cons and generate invoices. No more struggling to stay organized. No more wasting time.

With LoadPal, everything you need to bill is in one place. You can scan your POD and any other accessorials and have an invoice sent with your logo on it in seconds. You can then easily keep track of when you’ve sent your invoices and when you should receive payment.

If you don’t receive payment when it’s due, you can easily set up reminder emails. It’s really that simple.


When we learned just how demanding being an owner-operator is, and j,/h1ust how essential the job is to the economy, we knew we needed to help make that job easier.


LoadPal exists to do just that.

If you have a quick minute right now, we’d love for you to try out LoadPal for free for the next 30 days and let us know if it succeeds in making your life easier.

If it does, we hope you continue to use it and enjoy getting paid faster from here on out.

If it doesn’t, we hope you tell us why, so we can make LoadPal better and more useful to every owner-operator out there on the road.

Whether you decide to try it out or not, we sincerely thank you for the work you do every day.
We know we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you.


Try for Free Today!


Author: Steele Roddick

Steele is a writer and editor who grew up in a family of truckers. His grandfather owned a small trucking business for years. Being legally blind, however, Steele knew he could never drive and needed to find different ways to contribute. These days he does so with his words and by promoting LoadPal, an app he likes to think his grandfather, and certainly his grandmother, would have loved.

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